Monday, 19 November 2007

TheMobileOutlet suck

If you're looking for a review or rating of the mobile outlet then I would recommend that you do NOT touch these guys with a barge pole - they try every way possible to get out of paying cashback. I read and reread their T&C's and sent them all they asked for but they tried to bullshit me at the first hurdle - they ask you include the 'original' cover note with your first cashback claim (original bills included) - They tried to claim the one I'd sent 'em wasn't the original - how do they prove that?? I got some great help from the excellent Reestit Mutton site and things happened - for a while. They've now stalled again after sending only a couple out of the 5 cheques....

Never use them again (they are too good to be true). There are plenty more out there - see this handy Motley Fool article.

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