Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Coolest Firefox plugins

Yeah there's tonnes of 'em but mostly they're a waste of time. These are the ones I like (I'll keep updating this one too...):
  • CustomiseGoogle - Allows various tweaks and additions when using Google's sites
  • CookiePie - Keeps cookies from different tabs/windows separate - E.g. So you can be logged into Gmail in one tab, whilst in another use Google search (and not be logged in) thus not having everything logged (though they could quite easily correlate one's activity by IP...).
  • Flashblock - Stops running Flash items on web pages till you click on the ones you want.
  • Cacheit - Useful to access alternate sources of a webpage - e.g. when the main is down.
  • Dictionaries - Great for spell checking any text as you type into any web form.
  • Add more search engines to the search box - Not actually a plugin but darn useful all the same (e.g. add Way Back Machine, Scroogle (anon Google search), Cuil....)
  • Locate in Bookmarks - Go Parent Folder, Show Parent Folder
More geeky ones:
  • User agent switcher - Useful for playing with your browser's 'identity'
  • ShowIP - Shows the IPv4/IPv6 address of the website you're at.
There are other sites that have some impressive lists too.

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