Sunday, 25 October 2009

Our Solar system (planets) broken on Google Earth/Sky

I was trying to see the planets (our solar system) on google earth recently but there seems to be a problem/bug - they do not display - both in the dedicated app and on the google sky website. When you click on the planets in the app (with error reporting on) you get: 404 not found
...and for all the others (maybe it's something else but they're not working on either right now).

Wonder when it'll be fixed?!

I posted a question on the help forums but no response....

Friday, 2 October 2009

MacBook disc crash (and restore)

Well my MacBook's disc decided to die the other week but thanks to Time Machine I had most of my stuff safe (apart from my other two partitions on my triple boot setup ;) - But I hadn't booted into 'em in a while so there can't have had anything tooo serious lost there - I think I'm going to just use VMware/Parallels/VirtualBox from now on...).

Of course I'd been using my TC with encrypted backups so when I attempted a restore using a new Snow Leopard DVD it couldn't find the backups... Oh dang! Luckily there is another way - I upgraded the default Tiger install to shiney new Snow Leopard and then fired off the Migration Assistant (from the another Admin account on the machine - you should not create your original user account with the same name as the one in your backup as it will clash - so just use another [admin] login and once you've run the Migration Assistant it will recreate your old account).