Friday, 5 February 2010

Handy iphone tips

A few things I've discovered with my iphone:
  • Use Caps lock on the keyboard
    1. Make sure it's enabled it in prefs: Settings->General->keyboard
    2. To use when using typing - double tap the shift key and goes blue!
  • European variant letters (accents, umlaut etc) on keyboard
    • Tap and hold "e", "a", etc
  • Add .com or when typing an web/email address:
    • Tap and hold on the '.' key
  • Go to top of any scrolled window/app:
    • Tap on the very top bar (with the time in it)
  • Kill any app (OS3+ only):
    1. Push and hold power button till "Slide to power off" shows
    2. Let go of power button
    3. Push and hold 'home' button for more than 5 secs and the app dies
  • Reset your iphone:
    • Push and hold both the power button and home button for more than 10 secs
  • Take a screen shot:
    • Push home button, then click power button

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