Saturday, 18 December 2010

Skype 5 beta OSX sucks

If you're tempted by the idea of the new Skype 5 Beta for OSX - then forget it (well maybe apart from if you're interested in Group Calling). The new UI is a bad joke - Skype seems have lost its way. It is a huge ugly GUI that won't go away and very confused functionality. Fire the new GUI team leader!

I'm back to 2.8 as long as I can then if there's no change I'll be seeking a new Voip agent - Empathy Cocoa port anyone? Blink is a nice SIP client or Sip-communicator is pretty reasonable these days and it's cross platform.

However one should not forget that there are some new features...The main one being Group video calling, plus there extended search, and a new control bar which isn't so bad.

[updated 20jan11: A bit more upbeat - whilst the GUI sucks there are some good feature additions]

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  1. i totally agree - just googled for "new skype sucks os x" to see if i am alone or not ..