Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Apps not showing up in Apple+Tab

So I was using my Mac (probably with way too much stuff running) and started a new App and then hid it (Apple+H) and then tried to Apple+Tab (Cmd-Tab) back to it but it didn't appear in the list of App Icons. The same happened when i started another Application.... I could always use Expose but I like Tab switcher...

So then I wondered which process controls the Tab switcher... It turns out that the Dock process not only runs the Dock bar at the bottom but also powers the Tab Switcher. So by just killing the Dock process it will then relaunch (by launchd) and sort it self out (provided you're not totally out of memory/disk space or something). You can do this from a Terminal window, using the following command:
killall Dock 

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