Wednesday, 25 May 2011

World IPv6 Day....

Well maybe you've heard about IPv6, though you're less likely to have heard about World IPv6 Day (8 June 2011 not far now...) - A ruse from the guys at ISOC to get people talking about it. Well it is also that some of the world's biggest content providers (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Akamai and others) will enable IPv6 on their main services that day - should be fun... (They mostly have IPv6 enabled offering already but you need to use special addresses  On that day they will enable the lookup of the IPv6 addresses for their main addresses e.g. will provide an IPv6 address (an AAAA record) from the normal DNS. Currently the only way to obtain IPv6 addresses for Google's main services is to use a whitelisted DNS server - such as those provided by

And talk about it people should! Given we really are (even the BBC are talking about it) about to run out of [old] IP [v4] addresses - (see my new gadget to the right) - the last bunch of IPv4 addresses were ceremoniously handed out and then everyone will be scurrying around trying to buy or sell addresses for while until they realise that IPv6 is the way forward.

Of course I've been IPv6 connected for ages....yeah yeah um - well it mostly just works, though since it's often via a tunnel it's not always the fastest option available... But all you Windows 7 users are already automatically connected to IPv6 via Teredo (which is available for other OSes - a free version is miredo).

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