Wednesday, 14 September 2011

OSX Lion #fails (plus some good stuff)

So I thought OSX Lion sounded interesting and I went and upgraded... Only to find out there's a bunch of stuff removed and changed for worse - not made that clear in the reviews/press. Also the claimed 'new' features are few. So here's a list of a few gripes I have with it so far:
  • No colour icons in the Sidebar - Not a big deal but it just makes it less use-able
    • Here's a way to fix it!
  • Quick look video preview slow - It's performance is now so bad that my fan kicks in when viewing (it seems to use WAY more CPU than the Quicktime app)
  • 'Full Screen' is no different from Apple-F in the previous OSX versions as far as I can see (though some additional apps have it now like Terminal).
  • Never seen the need for the iphone-esk 'LauncherPad' - a bit of a waste of time.
  • Frontrow removed - It was handy for viewing a bunch of movies
  • 'Leather' look for iCal and Address Book - That is seriously Cheesy style?! (Fortunately it can be tweaked away...but with hackery)
On the plus side there are some benefits but so far not many:
  • Resize handles on every side of a window (not the just the bottom right)
  • Slightly more helpful searching in folders - it prompts you with 'filename'
  • Terminal finally has full screen (but I gave up on it years ago for iTerm2, as Apple's Terminal still doesn't work with vim and others properly)
  • Air Drop anyone? (not managed to try it yet.... but it sounds nice: Wifi file transfer)

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