Friday, 23 January 2009

Windows Mobile device sync problem finally fixed!

Finally - after trying a bunch of stuff since November last year I have managed to locate a cure for my 'Error' in WMDC. Amazingly enough this(also ripped off here) was the cure - it cures a related problem I also saw in IE when I attempted to download a cab: "this device is restricted from downloading this file type" - I was led here from the excellent xda forums
  • The problem and fix are incredibly created using Mobile Word ??!!** - when saving docs as plain text files - so beware. Here's the proceedure cribbed from the the link above (in case it disappears):
  • 1) soft reset device
    2) Start / Office Mobile / Word
    3) Create a new document (click on New)
    4) type some text (just plain text - no formatting - it was 'plain text document') just a few characters
    5) File / Save As...
    6) I have selected type 'Plain Text'
    7) It asked me whether I want to save it at 'Word document instead' - I clicked No.
    8) I have powered off the device and did soft reset
    9) Start file explorer, find the file (it was in My Device / My Documents), click on it - it opens Word again.
    10) Add some formatting (I have selected part of text and changed font to bold)
    11) Close Word - it asked whether to save it in Word format - this time I said Yes
    12) Power-off the device and press soft reset again

As to why this works is anyone's guess... I did take the trouble to dump my security registry keys (HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies) before I performed the magical fix but I found no difference in those key values before and afterwards.... But there seems to be a mountain of security related controls in Windows Mobile - see MSDN's Security Policy settings, Provisioning Security Settings - I'm sure somewhere in there is the answer....

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