Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Windows Mobile Device Centre fun....NOT [FIXED!]

Hmmm - As someone said WMDC is a great sales tool for the iPhone/GPhone! I plugged in my pesky Windows Mobile 6 phone and it just pops up with "Error" one day... Not useful, at all. I've spent quite a while trying to track down the problem. There's a few sites (pocketpcfaq, modernnomads) out there that do offer useful advice but they didn't solve my problem.
  • Firstly I found out how to enable debug logs for WMDC - note you can also see some of the error messages if you use DebugView.
  • There are also error logs in the Windows Event Viewer 0x8007274a
  • Looking at the wmdc logs I see an 0x80004005 error which a general code for permission denied.
  • Some of these Windows Mobile Power Toys were interesting.
  • This guy (translated from French) has some useful info on security on Windows Mobile.
  • Microsoft's Vista MDC guide
  • Microsoft MDC troubleshooting
  • Finall - I found a fix! - after following up a solution to this error when using IE to download a cab or pdf file: "this device is restricted from downloading this file type" - see my latest post on the matter.
[updated: 26aug09]


  1. Great work.

    Would like to see the latest post with the fix though.

  2. Fixed - cheers for the correction.