Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Handy iPhone apps

Happy New Year to all! Well I thought I'd list a few apps I've found to be handy on the iPhone - all free apart from two:
  • Fring - Gives you a consolidated VoIP solution (SIP, Skype, and others) with offline notifications (some might say it's too consolidated - maybe Fring are run by the Spooks?!)
  • MobileRSS - The best free Google Reader with good offline and un/subscribing support
  • Twitterific - A nice Twitter app for keeping an eye on all that chattering with support for un/subscribing and stuff
  • OffMaps ($) - A very handy (and very reasonably priced) maps app that uses OpenStreetmap/cloudmade data with good offline support
  • Discover - Useful app for storing random stuff on the iPhone (works over wifi and acts as web server)
  • Touchterm ($) - A useful and cheapish ssh client
  • RjDj - A cool app that generates 'music' using 'patches' - based upon Pure-Data
  • MrMr - An OSC app for whacky control applications

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